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03 November 2008 @ 05:50 pm
Gripe time...  
Ok. Two things I'm going to touch on in this post: "Gone Baby, Gone" and "The Office"

First. "Gone Baby, Gone". Let me just tell you how amazing this movie is. It's seriously so thought-provoking it had me thinking about it almost an hour after the movie ended. It really tests your morality. It's crazy. It's good. WATCH IT.

Second. "The Office". Ok, I have to admit I wasn't as into the Office as I was before. I re-watched the season 3 finale a while ago and my love of the show rekindled. Why? Holly and Michael. When she talked back to him in that Yoda voice, that was just it. And why am I writing this post? Why? I'll tell you why. How PISSED I am that they only signed the girl that plays Holly for SIX EPISODES. SHE'S ALREADY DONE!? I didn't find this out until AFTER her last air date. *Cries* They BETTER bring her back or I fear I'll start to lose the level of interest I possess now. Which includes making photoshop art and fanfics.  Oh, I also heard they're doing another Convention. HOLLA!

Oh. And Holly thinking Kevin was a retard for a few episodes...I seriously love whoever came up with that storyline. "You drive your own car? I'm so proud of you!"

Angela: You're an idiot!
Kevin: Wait...you think I'm retarded?

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Charlie: michael and tobysnarles676 on November 4th, 2008 02:30 am (UTC)

ps. fanfic creeps me out. lol