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God. If this isn't INCREDIBLY true...

I'm just amazed at how HYPOCRITICAL people can be.

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17 May 2008 @ 04:36 am
Last stop:

Honestly. Where can one start when talking about the best day of their life? I guess starting from the beginning is a good idea...

So. I crashed as SOON as I got home from the concert I absolutely CRASHED...well, after we got room service (can you say how ridiculous it is to spend 20 CAD on a hamburger? honestly...) But yeah, after sleeping like a BABY (minus the KILLER KILLER KILLER Charlie Horse I got in my calf) I wake up at around 10:30 am on Friday. My mom tells me that my shirt from the night before was STILL soaked with sweat. I seriously have NEVER sweat that much in my ENTIRE life nor had I been in such a cramped space. I could literally not put my hands down by my sides that's how packed in for Toronto we were...Anyway...back to the story.

We check out and I go out to wait for Lacey on the front steps of the hotel. And I just have to give props to Lacey. Only two completely and utterly obsessed fans can talk 2 hours completely of nothing but Melanie and how much we love her. OH Lacey, i heart you.

Anyway, once again, back to the story...
We get to the venue about 1:45, 2:00. We get in line with Mac, Nora, Dara, and a few others. Immediately we start gushing about Melanie then make our way towards doing the posters we were planning. I ended up making two. My first one said "We Love Your Bingo Wings" (reference made in last post and also something she talked about in Toronto) and on the back it said "Who said white girls can't dance?" and Mac drew a replica of Melanie's kick ass Christian Louboutain's on it. Then I told her to make the "Happy International Be Sexually Inappropriate With Your Friends Day!" sign...on the back it said "Do you like to Ga Ga?" which matched our shirts that said "Melanie Likes to Ga Ga"..."Ga Ga" is the title of one of her songs,and until recently, I never realized it meant something dirty...

That...is our kick ass group. I love us all with home-made shirts...AWESOME

Anyway. So while we were making our posters and cutting out 200 construction paper fish we were listening to two separate people's speakers blasting completely different Melanie songs. It was like...the battle of "pop" Melanie C vs "rock" Melanie C. It was hilarious. Then, as I was in my own little world, I hear her singing "Protected" and I got super excited. A few songs pass by and I realize that she has just started her sound check! So, as I thought I was inFORMING people of it, i go "OMG YOU GUYS! MELANIE'S DOING HER SOUND CHECK!" Everybody just kind of stops and looks at me and was like "Uh...duh. She has been for the past 15 minutes..."


A few hours pass and it's like...4:30 now. I see this little girl (14...she who-shall-be-nameless coughkatiecough) comes back into the line with her sister giggling and smiling. Lacey whispers in my ear "She just fucking met Melanie."


So, we casually walk out to where she met her but she was gone. We're standing in front of the bar. Apparently they had a special 'secret' door where all celebrities/musicians walk through to get to the venue so they don't have to pass by all the fans lining up out back by their tour buses and she went out this door. It went through the bar that was next to the venue. We come RUNNING around the corner to see people scattered around outside the bar, none of which knew who she was except that she was a "spice girl". They were all chatting with each other going "I can't believe a SPICE GIRL is here!" and "OH my GAWD! THat was SO SPORTY SPICE!"...God. She had left to do an in studio acoustic performance and give an interview to the local radio station.

Anyway, we walk half way back to the line and decide to make a plan. Some would wait at that door and some would wait at the other. So, while I picked to walk back to the line I got to listen to her interview on the radio because someone smart had a phone that broad casted the radio and then attached speakers to it. Ingenious idea...This is a picture of just a few of us huddled around listening to Melanie talk about how she doesn't think it's a good idea for people to get tattoos, but if you've already got ONE you should just keep going...

So. When the interview ends, I decide to mosey on over to the 'secret' door. Good thing I did. About 20 minutes after I get back over there I hear about 10 people gasp for air.

She was down the block

She get up closer and she pulls up in this beat up old white Dodge Caravan. What an A-list celeb...
We see Ying (or Ting Tang as we like to call her), Melanie's assistant jump out and offer her a hand as Melanie scoots across the seat. Then she jumps out of the van, and in her ADORABLE accent says "HELLO EVERYBODY!" but instead of it coming out "hello" it comes out "HAL-LOW!" *dies*

Anyway, I get pushed out of the way so I have to resort in taking pictures to document this occasion.

My hand was shaking SO bad I don't know how these came out so clear...She was literally ONE foot in front of me.
Lacey was smart enough and found her voice and asked Melanie what she thought of our shoes. Melanie stops what she was doing, puts her pen down mid-autograph and goes "OH MY GOD! THEY'RE AWESOME! I LOVE THEM! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" This...was her reaction

And that is why I love her.

So. This all happened within the span of about a minute and only 2 of the like 30 people got pictures. Ying was pushing Melanie in the door and JUST as the door is about to close, the one and only Laura Mac SCREAMS like a mad woman "18 HOURS IN THE QUEUE!"

Just as we're about to turn around and leave, Melanie comes BOUNDING out, pushing the door open. "WHERE IS YOUR CAMERA! YOU GUYS NEED A PICTURE!" SO we all gather around and Melanie's like "BACK UP BACK UP BACK UPPPPP! EVERYBODY has TO BE IN THIS PICTURE. EVERYBODY BETTER BE IN THIS PICTURE!" (her bodyguard was taking the picture)


Ying, who is standing in the half open door, is laughing at us this whole time as we scramble to get into the picture. All of a sudden the camera was ready and Melanie just SHOUTS out "EVERYBODY SAY CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" in this hilarious voice, causing us ALL to laugh hence the real smiles that are on every body's faces.

The final product:

Previously, Melanie had said "you're my NUTTERS aren't you?"
Hell yes we are.

I just remember the camera going off and ALL of us SCREAMING so loud and jumping up and down. Seriously. She's SO sweet.

Then she goes back into the 'secret' door without any other pictures or signatures. She came out just for us. THAT is why i love her...

Anyway, we get back into line and after our intial hour of gushing, plans needed to be executed. First, the fish. One of my newly made friends and I handed out the fish to the first 200 people in line. I honestly got a lot of weird looks but it was so worth it. I explained to them that during her song "May Your Heart", she has a line in the song that says "May the truth help you heal, may you catch big fishes." and that we were to hold them up during that part in the song. Some were really into it, some just laughed. But all took them. And while I was passing these out, I have to say how completely diverse the people attending the concert were. There were gays, lesbians, heteros, dads, moms, young kids (even as young as 4) and older people (the oldest was probably 70).

Anyway...the next step was figuring out how we were going to sneak in 12 confetti cannons...we ended up handing them out to the people in the front row of the concert. So we had those and then we shoved them in hoodies, coat sleeves, and even up pant legs. We got them all in without a hitch.

Last step: Waiting in line until the concert.

After what seemed like FOREVER we were finally let into the place. I managed to get myself front row (thanks to Lacey). The stage was low enough so it was at my waist. The opening band wasn't my cup of tea, but it just made the anticipation build as we waited for Melanie to come out.

The techies (which by the end of this night we knew one personally, Derrick...he liked us) were running all around (one was even wearing a "Spice Girls" t-shirt...) switching the sets. Well. not as much a 'set' as the other bands mics and drums and guitars. So anyway, all of a sudden ... it goes dark

The band comes out single file. Green lasers are shining out around the venue.

They start to play. Then...Melanie comes BOUNDING out between the curtains behind the drums and RUNS out to the mic and starts to jump up and down and dance like CRAZY. She wore her converse. The only night during her entire Canadian tour she wore them.

^^ I love her keyboard player cracking up at her awkward dancing...

She sings her first song and is all happy and into it. Then the band starts up with the next song, she goes back and takes a drink of water. She puts the mic back on the mic stand and she looks down and sees my "Who Says White Girls Can't Dance?" sign. This...is the initial reaction (thank god for Laura Mac for taking these and just pressing click 10 times in a second.

Squinting to read:

Taking a second to process:

Getting it and laughing hyserically:

Going to prove everybody wrong:

Dancing like CRAZY:

So. Overall. That sign worked out perfectly. Then she sings another song. Then the song after that one, I decided to raise the "Happy Be Sexually Inappropriate With Your Friends Day!" sign. Once again, she looks at me and laughs. This time, she starts talking to me about it. "I thought this was yesterday?" (just because she knew about it made me love her that much more). Then she goes "You guys are just going to make this into a whole week-long thing of this aren't you?" So then she proceeds to say "Can I see it? I want to show everybody." She takes it out of my hands, turns around and shows her band then reads it aloud to the crowd.

I about died.

Then came probably my favorite part. "May Your Heart" Everybody whips out their cameras and starts to take video and pictures. If any body's curious as to watching this on youtube here's a good link to a video of it...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj_4cHF2FFM  Look around 1:00 into the thing. She's so freaking adorable. But anyway, for those who don't want to watch and just read the line comes up in the song "May you catch big fishes" and as soon as she sings the word "catch" EVERYBODY (200 people) PULL OUT their construction paper fishes, Melanie opens her eyes, smiles, points both hands out to us and CRACKS up. She can't even finish the line of the song. And what does she do? She looks over at Mac, Lacey, and I, knowing it was us who originated the fish idea. Then she takes a minute to get back into "serious Mel" and get back into the song. At the end of the song, she starts talking about it and how she points to us and calls us her "Production Team" and picks up our giant fish poster we made for her. Complete with her traditional scarf and bangs...She then tells us that we are *in a valley girl high-pitched goofy voice* "SOOOO CREEE-AAATEEEE-TIVVVVEEE!"

Next comes the "Bingo Wings" sign. There is an actual video of her talking to me about it for a good 40 seconds...but I'll spare it unless you want to see it. Post a comment if you do. Anyway, the sign goes up. She sees it. Laughs and calls me "Cheeky" then she strikes up a conversation about Bingo Wings and Madonna...how random...but she's as crazy about Madonna as I am about her...I guess that's another reason why I like her. She's a crazy fangirl.

^^ Pointing at me and the "Bingo Wings" sign...

Now we get to her song "Northern Star". We all go digging through our bag of tricks and pull out our crowns. There's a line in this song that says "Who is next, who's going to steal your crown...You'll seeeee..." but instead of singing "you'll see" , the fans always sing "mel c". So we get our crowns out and swing them around this part. She spends the entire chorus watching our hands go back and forth while she squints and tries to figure out what we're holding. Then, when the song is over she starts talking to me again going "Ok. Sorry guys, but I really don't get this one." and then we're like "STEAL YOUR CROWN! STEAL YOUR CROWN!" So she comes up, takes one out of our hands and puts it on and goes "OHHHH!!!! OKAY!" Then she starts talking about it and that she could use it for a comb for her bangs because they're "Bloody unruly to control". There is also a video of this whole conversation going down, and once again, post if you want the link.

Last stop. "Goin' Down". This song...she goes CRAZY for. And we decided that this night we were going to do the confetti during this song. So, she's thrashing all around, practically using the mic stand as a stripper pole, and is dancing like crazy. Jumping up about 2 feet in the air, head banging like crazy. Then, about a line before our 'execution' she comes up about a foot from me and just stands there. I get worried about hitting her, but instead put the confetti up straight in the air. 12 confetti cannons go off at the same time. Scares the bejesus out of her and she ends up almost running backwards. Then she laughs and smiles and jumps to try and catch the confetti and swings some of it around for a good 10 seconds while she was singing.

^^Goin' Down dancing pt. 1

^^Scaring her with the confetti. Look at her eyes. HAHA. They're nearly out of their sockets.

^^ Goin' Down Dancing pt. 2. Look how high she's jumping. That's a GOOD 2 feet off the ground.

^^ Goin' Down Dancing part 3. Probably my favorite picture of the night...she's kneeling on our confetti!!

This was her exit song before the encore. So she left after the confetti song. Then she came back and sang another four songs. We didnt' have any more tricks left in our bags. So this was the perfect opportunity to take lots of pictures. She came up about an inch in front of my camera and started shaking all around. Hence this picture...(no zoom)

But yeah. So, she sings her final song "I Turn To You", her dance floor classic. Lots of jumping and crazy dancing. And when I say jumping and crazy dancing, think of what is normal, then times that by like 100. THAT is how crazy she is onstage. I just have to say, the entire show was basically a conversation between Melanie and me and my friends. She absolutely loved us and totally hammed it up on stage in front of us. She even gave us a pout and a wave goodbye

Right after this...she finishes the song. Puts the mic back on the stand then she starts talking. Thanking London for being her home away from home. Then she turns to Mac, Lacey, and I and points. "Thanks to my wonderful production team. You're welcome to come BACKSTAGE" (Of course we didn't hear this because I was screaming like a MAD WOMAN when she mentioned that we were her production team). I didn't realize this until Mac found it on my video that i took. Then she turns around, walks back to the ledge where her water bottle sits and all the presents she got during the show (and she got quite a few) and the only thing she takes off the stage with her was the crown we gave her. She waves goodbye. It's over.

Usually she just gets escorted out onto her bus right after the concert. But this time she didn't. Now I know why. She was waiting for us. I feel so INCREDIBLY bad...Oh well. Mac wrote her a note and we'll see if we can work our way and pull some strings so we can see her June 28th for Pride. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I better be able to find a way to get there.

And just my two favorite pics of the night that I took.

and how can you not absolutely love this face?

Overall, hands down BEST concert I've EVER been to in my ENTIRE life.
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13 May 2008 @ 03:15 am
So where did we leave off? OH yes. Toronto.

Let me just start off by saying that when someone says that they're going to get in the line for the concert at 3 am usually means that they're kidding. Except in Mac's case. Seriously, we were talking about it the day before at MOD, and she said she was going at 3 am. Here I am thinking that she's joking. She wasn't.

I get a text message at 3 am "I LOVE POTATO WEDGES" SCREECHES throughout the room. I read the text message. She's there. At 3 am. In the line. Crazy girl but I love her like a mofo.

So, I go back to sleep. Get another text message at 6 from Patrice. "Where are you?" Honestly I'm not crazy so I wasn't there that early. 7 am I get yet ANOTHER text from Mac. "Get here soon. There's 30 people in line already." Fuck that. Go back to sleep. haha. I wake up at 11. Take a shower. Get ready. Switch hotels. Get to the new hotel. Get a text from Lacey "Get here! You'll MISS MELANIE!"

I fucking haul ass out of the hotel over to the venue which was only a few blocks down from the hotel. Get there. Have the present ready. She's not there. We wait around for two hours by the buses. We're told to move countless times. Oh and I just have to say that Melanie picks the god damn best venues. This one was attached to mental hospital...

We get this CRAZY ASS old man come up smoking a cigarette and walking with a walker..."Is this the Lutheran church?" "Um. No. This is the line for the Melanie C concert." "Oh. Ok...." he stands there for a minute while we try to casually ignore his random comments then walks away. But yes, two hours pass as we watch the Melanie's help load her bus full of Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite and Water...along with cardboard boxes FULL of potato chips. haha. Of course. So after they do this, we're instructed to "get back in line". Yeah right. They FORCE us away from the driveway.

Melanie comes up in this ghetto ass white dodge caravan from like the 1990's and she just walks up the driveway not stopping for anything. Figures. The only concert she DOESN'T greet fans is the one I go to. Anyway. We heard her sound check while we were back in line and I freaked cause she changed one of the songs to a different one...one of my all time favorites of hers. So I was happy. We made construction paper fish while we stood in line. She has a line in her song "May Your Heart" where she sings "may your kiss always feel like the first kisses, and may your truth help you heal, may you catch big fishes..." So, we made about 20 construction paper fish with our names on it and the town we live in.

I go back to the hotel around 5 to get some dinner cause I hadn't eaten anything for the past two days. I only end up eating a few spoonfuls of chicken noodle soup cause I was so excited. Get back around 6. Bring some chairs to sit in. Melanie had hired some film crews to follow her on the Canadian tour so he was filming the line up. Almost completely passing by me, he was scanning the crowd. He stopped to try and get Jen and Lacey to talk with him but they both were so shy they said no. So here we go. Me, the outgoing person that I am, orders him to aim the camera at me. What do I do? I scream as LOUD as I can in a fake girly squeal and go OH MY GOD! and put my hands up and shake them ALL around. Immediately he CRACKS UP and is just like "HAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I swear, if i'm on that video...I'll die.

We were about 15th in line because we made friends and they were cool with us going up because of all the stuff we had planned to do during the show. They wanted to be near us. So. It gets to 8:00. They let us in. One of the girls I was with was 15. The bouncer asks how old she was. "15." "Ok. Go on through." I go up. "How old are you?" "20." "Can I see some ID please?" "Are...you kidding?" haha. then he tells me that I can't bring my camera in. I refuse to hear this so I'm like. "I'll give you my batteries. I'm not losing my place in line to put my camera in my car." "Fine." I fucking decided to coat check the stupid camera in Lacey's bag. Jen had 20 extra batteries. Something that might have been nice to know BEFORE the mention of a coat check.

So we get in there and discover that not only is there ONE opening band but TWO. We get in there. THe first band was shit. The Spirits. They're from Toronto. The lead singer looked like he was either retarded or was having a seizure half the time. The dummer looked like Hank Azaria. He almost hit his face on the mic about a thousand times. The whole time I just watched him and hoped he'd hit it. So, a few songs in, the freaking lead singer gets the idea to jump off the stage (which was at my chin) and into the crowd. He gets two rows back then WEDGED into me, lacey, and two other people. He can't move. So the girl next to lacey SMACKS him on the ass. HAHA. it was amazing.

While this is all going on, i turn around to see this man cut RIGHT in front of me with his girlfriend. Of course, after all day waiting I get pissed. So i tap him on the shoulder "Excuse me. Are you staying here all night?" "No. My friend's in the band. I'm just here for 5 minutes." "Ok. Fine." I was still pissed. Then he turns to his girlfriend and goes "You wanna go meet Mel C?" I honestly have NO idea how I heard this because the band was SO loud the bass was shaking the HELL out of my pants. But, of course, the girl goes "No." So me, being the COMPELTELY OUTGOING PERSON that I AM hit him on the shoulder hard and go "I DO!" He kind of looks at me and laughs. And goes to turn back to his girlfriend who was laughing at me and he goes "I'll see what I can do."

So. The band ends. He goes to leave. I hit him again and ask if he had gotten anywhere with his 'contacts'. Then we proceeded to explain to him how we'd been there for HOURS and how we'd traveled so far and had gifts to give her and how much we love her and his girlfriend was like "What's your name? If you promise not to move I'll come out and get you and bring you backstage." Little bitch. I was looking for her for the rest of the concert. She never showed back up.

That surprisingly didn't hinder my time there. The second opening act was still pretty good. He had a Melanie C shirt on from her Merch. table and he was joking about how he paid her $20 bucks to sign it. He was actually really funny. And his songs were really good. So he was ok. But seriously, 2 hours AFTER getting in to see her was ridiculous. But yeah. So 2 hours after we're let in she comes on. Just walks casually out on stage in these skin tight black pants, a black tank top and a sequined silver shirt over it with a red bra popping out the sides and a 3/4 length blazer coat. Oh. And killer studded Christian Louboutain heels that were about 4 inches tall.

So she just walks out casually and then grabs the mic and EVERYBODY was just going CRAZY. I've never seen a crowd of people (there were about 1,000 people there at this venue ... all standing) more excited to see anyone in all of my concert-going days. So she sings her first song. Jumping around and freaking out, already starting to sweat. She rips her jacket off as soon as the song is finished.

Seriously. This woman is abso-fucking-crazy. You can't help but love her AWKWARD dance moves. Mid-Jump picture. LOVE

Have to put this one in here because I freaking LOVE hair flip pictures.

Nothing remarkable happened during this concert except during her song "Goin' Down" she physically got down. She slides down the mic pole and swings her mic cord around and accidentally hits Mac right across the bridge of her nose. Poor thing still has a bruise. So...during this song, she falls to her knees then just lays back slowly and is just thrashing around on the floor singing RIGHT into Mac's camera. This must have been her way of apologizing. It's the best freaking video of the entire tour. She gets up and starts to jump like there's no tomorrow...in these stilettos no less. How she did it and not injured herself...is beyond me.

So. As I forgot to say in the beginning, we managed to sneak confetti cannons in. We strapped them to Jen's legs to get past security. So. yes. We get in with no problems. She does the show in her remarkable way, completely amazing. I just have to say I've never sweat so much in my life, nor seen her sweat that much. Poor thing had sweat running down her arms. She'd go back and wipe off her entire body where skin was exposed with her towel. When she head banged, she sprayed the entire first row with sweat.

During one of the songs, we throw our beach ball that we bought at the dollar store on stage. It went around the audience for a bit then it found its way back on stage. As it gets on stage, the guitar player stops mid song, unplugs his guitar, walks over to pick it up and raises it above his head and just absolutely CHUCKS it at the drummer's head. It was FREAKING hilarious cause the drummer had NO idea what was going on and he missed his beats to the song trying to figure out what on Earth had just happened. Also during this time Melanie mentions that all the clapping she does during her shows does wonders for her "Bingo Wings" which is the British term for the flab under your arms. Keep "Bingo Wings" in mind for the next post.

Anyway, we get to "May Your Heart". It's a rather slow song and she's calming down a bit. We get to the "May your kisssss always feeeeel likkkke the firsttttt kissessssss, may your truthhhh help you heaaaaal...may you catchh big fishessss." Once we get to the "May you catch big fishes" the entire front row whips out the construction paper fishes and sways them around while mac shoots off bubbles from the bubble machine we smuggled in. Melanie eats it up, grabbing some of the fishes and swaying them around herself.

During the rest of the song the bubbles are going off, but suddenly there is a MASSIVE amount blowing RIGHT at her face. So what does she do? Come out to the end of the stage and blow them RIGHT BACK at us.

Finally we get to the second to last song "Yeh Yeh Yeh" my favorite of the night and we realize that our shit is about to go down. The Confetti. Grabbing them out of Jen's pant legs, we get the safety tab off. We're near the center of the stage in the second row. The time is coming. THe time is coming. My hands start to shake. (we could've been realistically in trouble because these things are illegal in Canada) The part comes where we're about to shoot them off. I give the girls the countdown. Melanie's singing and looking down. She's center stage. The confetti goes off, surprisingly, at the same time and Melanie looks up, sees the confetti and starts jumping ALL around trying to catch some. She grabs it and swings it around for a good 20 seconds smiling and laughing.

Toronto: Mission Accomplished
Last stop: London
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Where the hell do I begin? Honestly.
I'm warning you now, there will be a lot of gushing, a lot of description, and a LONG post ahead of you. Anybody who reads all the way through will get a gold star.

First I will start out with Tuesday, April 29. The day I found out I was going to be on MOD (the MTV of Canada). Thanks to my AWESOME AWESOME friend Lacey, she scored two tickets for us to go see Melanie give an interview and perform on the like "TRL" of this station. How on earth would I have anticipated that this would be one of the rare moments where Melanie makes history.

So, after standing outside in line (in the rain I might add) for a while, we were finally let in around 3:45. We get in and realize that there was a tour going on and almost every single SEAT was taken by the stupid tour-goers, leaving us standing in the back. So, after the hour of rehearsals this VJ needed, we finally got under way.

Then. All of a sudden, she walks out. Just casually. I nudged Laura about 20 times hoarse-whispering "OMG ITS HER OMG ITS HER SHE'S RIGHT THERE!" So she walks out and sits in the chair after giving the VJ a kiss on the cheek (how adorable is she). She chats with the guy for a while, but I honestly didn't hear one WORD she said because all I could do was stare. Her shirt was see through and I was like...tracing the contours of her phoenix tattoo up close and in person. Wow.

Anyway, the interview ended and she headed off stage to go get ready for her performance. Little do I know, I decide to move down towards the right side (closer to the stage) and about 2 minutes after doing this, the producers come and grab me and a few other people to stand in the background of Melanie's stage. So when you see Melanie singing, my face is right next to hers... ANYWAY. Coming back out after they did more TV countdown crap and commercials (This, I just have to tell you, was all taped LIVE), Melanie just sort of struts over to the microphone stage and starts chatting with us.

First time talking with her was right before she performed. We had FlatMel and FlatAshley (long story, way too confusing, and you'd think I was nuts) but she TOTALLY ate it up and started CRACKING up. She gave us the thumbs up and posed with her feet spread out looking like she was pointing at something and had this shocked/hilarious/bugged-out-eye look on her face. It was amazing

So. We get to the "Carolyna" performance. (Remember. Live, people.) "Just another girl with a dream in her heart, trying to make a new start, with the fire inside of her........ehh ehhh ehh ehhhh eh eh."

What just happened?

She missed 3 of the first 5 lines of the song.

She is nearly crying at this point.

Quickly she picks up where she left off and finishes the song with some dignity. As soon as she finishes, she smiles, turns around and walks back towards us with her head hung in shame. The VJ has no idea what to do, so he says something then goes to get Melanie and turn her around to tell her she's still on the air. Poor thing. She's blinking like mad and her chest is heaving. The camera doesn't focus in on her and you see her with her mouth open and her tongue playing with her teeth while her chin is quivering. *cut to commercial*

*cut to a mild break down and tantrum*

"I COULD HEAR NOTHING BUT STATIC IN MY EAR!" (At this part, even though it SHOULDN'T be funny, it was, she imitates the static she heard in hear ear by sticking her tongue out as far as it goes, screaming this GOD AWFUL high pitched noise, swinging hear hands above her head, and making this horrid expression on her face with her eyes coming out of their sockets)

At this point, she's flinging her arms around, yelling, and stomping. Poor thing. Her assistant comes out and tries to help calm her down, but she's going crazy. After a minute of really awkward silence and watching her meltdown, she walks quickly off stage into the hallway to calm down. Then we're told that she'll be singing it again and they'll use this performance as the one they'll show in the reruns of the airing. So she comes back out ALL FUCKING BUSINESS. Nails the song. Then she sings "Understand" just for the audience, and I hate to say it, almost screws up again by starting too early. This was clearly NOT her day. Then she leaves to go do another interview for something. I just have to say, after re-reading what I wrote, it sounds like she was a complete diva/bitch. But she wasn't. She was just so disappointed in herself and was upset. It wasn't her fault and it was weird something happened because she did soundcheck a little bit before performing and nothing was wrong.

Later that night Lacey and I did the shoes we made for her, which turned out pretty cool. Melanie got them and personally thanked us and said they were "Awesome!" and that she "loved them!" But that's another long story that will come in another post.

Up next: Toronto
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27 April 2008 @ 02:57 am
for all the lies and your manipulations, for all the times i never felt good enough, you pushed me round put me down to satisfy your childish ego. for all the times you made me feel worthless, the power struggles now i couldn't care less. It's up to you, theres nothing you can do.
what goes around, comes around.
i can't help but wonder when you'll get yours...

Well, despite that depressing start, this post has a happy ending...

I still can't quite believe how well this past few months has been for me. My luck has finally turned around and I'm finally beginning to be happy again. I can totally relate to Amy now. Music really can heal.

First off. The main thing that made me realize that my luck is turning around.

1. Every single class (and most importantly TIME) that I wanted to register for actually worked out. Despite having a Friday class next semester (yuck), and having a full 5 classes again (double yuck), I'm relatively happy. Also, just realizing that I only have  3 more days of class makes me squeal. I can't wait to be able to just sit back, relax, and have fun...for the two weeks I'm off before I start again. But in that time period, I'll have the best part of my entire summer. Canada. Shoes. Home-made t-shirts. Posters. Meeting FAMOUS people.

2. After much debating, my family has started discussions about Italy again.

3. I got tickets to go see Melanie in Toronto and convince my parents to also let me see her the next day in London (HARD work). Also, must mention that my dad has a huge crush on her. Which is really weird. Very weird. I told my mom two weeks ago when I was home that i thought he did. She laughed in my face. The next week I saw her, she came up to me and the first thing she says is "I think your dad has a crush on Melanie." The offhand remarks that he'll say about her when we're discussing something else is totally hilarious. Even the comments about her current boyfriend were hilarous...

4. The contest
                   Melanie Chisholm's official website had a contest on Friday called "Friday Frenzy". Despite the title, it was nothing near frenzy-ish. But. The contest was to enter an "original, clever, or funny caption" of a picture that was posted. Tons of people entered, and mine was picked. I woke up to texts from Jen and fervent IM's from Lacey to tell me the good news. Those girls are great. I can't wait until Toronto. GOD. We're awesome...but anyway back to the story. Melanie herself was given these captions. She picked the winner. So, to make the long story short, she is amazing and she understands my sense of humor. What I won was a signed poster, 2 LP's, a CD, and a picture of her. When I found out, I literally stood up and screamed and ran around the house. I have never won anything in my entire life. This is what made me really think about the past few months and how lucky and how incredibly happy I've been.
    So, now when we go MEET HER...

And let me just say. The Spice Girls "Return of the Spice Girls" DVD was so worth the 3 days of downloading.
Burning a copy for Mrs. Bearse...
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18 February 2008 @ 02:41 am

Well. Last night was an utterly mind-blowing fun time. 

I really have to put out a giant 'thank you' to the Spice Girls. It's because of them I was reunited with my best friend from elementary school. After not speaking for at least two years, we decided to go to the concert. It was just as if no time had passed. If it weren't for the reuniting of this girl group, I wouldn't have ended up spending the night out with a good friend. That was what this whole 'tour' had been about. Reuniting with old friends. 

On another note, here starts my remembrance of the night. And what a night to remember. 

First, it started out with angry parents. What good night doesn't? After picking up Kirsten, we met up with my cousin Amy who went with us to the concert. We had amazing seats. 6 rows off the floor. Never have I ran to my seat before. As soon as we get to our section, I hear the crowd erupt into a HUGE fit of cheers. I literally RAN past the curtain to see the lights dim and eventually turn off. As we rushed down about 50 stairs we got to our seats JUST in time to see the girls rise up out of the stage. 

It isn't until the next song do I realize that I have a TOTALLY drunk girl next to me. Our age, she and her friend were dancing ALL over the place(This made me feel not so out of place as I totally jammed to the music). A few songs into it, I realize she has not only snuck in booze, but an entire bottle of Jagermeister. The next thing I know, she turns to me and offers me a shot. Right out of the bottle. Obviously turning it down, she puts down the bottle and starts dancing with me. Full. On. Dancing. Throughout the course of the night, she took pictures of us on not only her camera, but she also grabbed my camera and took a picture of us with is. The only part I started to get annoyed was at the end when she 1. started to grind against me and 2. was smoking a cigarette right there in the seats. Which isn't allowed. And to make it worse, she had the flaming red end RIGHT next to my leg. That was the only time I ceased the wild dancing. I wasn't going to get burned. During this time, the girl turned and looked at me and my glow-in-the-dark shirt I had ordered off of thespicegirls.com that said "Choose Spice" on the front and "Spice UP Your Life" on the back (along with Ginger Spice on the right shoulder and Viva Forever on the left) and asked what it said. Then as soon as she said it, she goes "OMG CHOOSE SPICE! THAT IS SO COOL! DID YOU GET THAT HERE?" Obviously I hadn't...

*one* of the times they went to get beer, the two gay chinese guys on the other side of them came over and started talking to me and saying how annoying the girls were. When the girls came back, they were telling me all about how they flirted with the guy at the bar saying that "yeah! we're totally 21 and in college can we have a beer?" The guy gave them beer. What does that say about the Palace as an establishment? Honestly...

About 3/4 of the way through the concert, the girls got the "good" idea to try and get down on the floor. The one went down and couldn't get past the lady security guard who was baffled that they could've made it down the stairs without falling and wanted to shake the drunk girls hand. At that, I just died laughing. Then, the lights go out and they think that the concert is over. So they leave. Moving down so I had more room to dance, the chinese boys loved me. Giving me high-fives, dancing with me, and singing to me, they kept saying how they couldn't believe how the girls had missed "Wannabe". Little did we know, the girls hadn't left. As the reprise of "Spice Up Your Life" came on as the final song, they RUN down the stairs and back to the seats. Back to the crazy dancing. 

Apart from the craziness at our seats, the show was spectacular. Although, it wasn't as good as the Toronto concert, it was still amazing. Overall it was an awesome night. I don't remember much of the banter there, especially since I couldn't hear most of it. The only things I did hear was how much Geri loved Detroit and how she said she "Was going to move here!" and the stuffed animals that someone from the front row gave them. Mel B kept saying she wanted the "brown one" which turned out to be a monkey. there was also a dog, lamb, frog, and something else. Possibly a pig. They loved them. Then they were talking about how it was a family show and of course, this gave Mel B the opportunity to say SOMETHING non-PG. "ITS A FAMILY SHOW!" she screams "FUCK ME!"

During one of the songs, Mel B (are you sensing a pattern here? On how crazy she is? Yeah. I think so) gets down on the ground and just lays down. Thus giving the opportunity to Mel C (Sporty) the chance to come up and straddle her. Then thrusts were made and everything else after that was just a blur. I just remember turning to Kristen and shouting "OH She is SO totally a DYKE!"

Geri's solo was totally awesome, but Mel C's was the best show-wise. The lasers and lots of smoke and color was just awesome. Of course, my camera was dying so I couldn't take lots of pictures, but I did end up taking about 40. I have to say, "Wannabe" was the best. Same as last time, but this time with the thought of "this will be the last time I see them live ever" came into my mind, the dancing was kicked up a notch. It even included me jumping up and down during the "routine" part...which I've never done. I don't jump. Last night I made an exception. At the beginning of the show, Geri made sure to point out that Detroit/Michigan had a lot of talent. Giving out such great singers as Madonna (whom she named her daughter after, and having been the favorite singer of the group) and Eminem, which they joked they wrote their song "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)" about. During their medley of "Celebration/That's the Way/We Are Family" Mel B just randomly sings "We are familyyyy...I NEED A CUP OF TEA...I got all my sisters with me" During that moment, that was the only time I've ever seen Victoria Beckham laugh. She was laughing so hard she couldn't sing her line.

I ended up getting a poster and a ring. So, my tally of Spice Memorabilia has piled up. A shirt, ring, 2 posters (one old school and one current) and a tour book. This to add with my collection of stuff I have from 10 years ago, including 2 necklaces (which were both worn last night) shirt, framed autographed picture, 20 books, 20 posters, dolls, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pencil cases, notebooks, stickers, suckers and the tour book that is in mint condition from their 1998 tour. 

So, as a recap. "Wannabe" was the best song performed and the best moment of the entire night was when they, yet again, swung Geri around by her legs.

I still can't believe that those girls were so drunk. As Kristen said, I wanted to remember that night. Who wouldn't? It was a once in a lifetime chance and they wont remember anything about it. How sad...

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I know most of you out there wouldn't admit you like the Spice Girls.

One thing I learned tonight is, that although they may not be the most talented singers in the world, they sure know how to put together a good show. I have never been more entertained at a concert before. From the lighthearted joking between the girls, to the choreographed moves and hilarious antics including jump-kicks from Sporty Spice to the "runway fashion show" that Posh did, I had an AMAZING time.
This is literally the first time I've ever come out of a concert and have NOT wished they'd done something, even the tiniest  thing different. They sang all their songs, and i've NEVER...and I repeat NEVER have seen an audience freak out as much for one song as they did when they sang "Wannabe".

I know most of you aren't reading this, but I only write this for my memory. I want to remember every little joke that was said. So, as follows, are the few that I can remember.

What they did that day in Toronto:
Victoria and Mel C: Shopping, which they loved.
Geri: Sledding.
Mel B: Museum

On which, Mel B commented on how she saw many dinosaur bones and how she was 'slightly frightened'. To which Geri replied, "I BET THERE WERE A LOT OF BOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS THERE!"
Haha. Omg. the whole arena was cracking up. Geri goes "OMG! I can't believe I just said that!"

I love it.

Geri commented on how "cute" the boys in Toronto were. One, while sledding, gave Geri his sled to use. She's such a man whore. I love her. haha. She, I have to say, even if I weren't totally like...if she weren't my favorite, I still would've said she totally took the cake. Her solo KICKED ASS. My favorite thing was when she did this little cart-wheel round off type thingy and landed her legs on one of the backup dancers shoulders, he grabbed her feet, and SWUNG her around by her feet in a circle about 10 times. Needless to say I was screaming MADLY.

They said they were happiest to be in Toronto because it was "Spice City". The city in which won the world-wide vote. The Spice Girls gave a giant poll to see which city wanted the Spice Girls the most. Out of all the cities in the world, Toronto was #1. Baghdad was #2. Go figure...

I got TOTAL chills when they started "mama". Now, for never having really liked  "mama", I have to say it's growing on me. When they started singing, they used pictures and videos of the girls and their moms from when they were little, to when they were spice girl age, then they included pictures of the girls and their kids.

OH! Bluebell Madonna was sitting RIGHT in the audience. I totally spotted her, and my mom was like "That can't be her. Why would she be out the entire show?" But low and behold, the camera man pans down to Geri talking with her during the break. Who was right? Me. My mom should know better than to not to mess with me about any of my obsessions...

There were so many gay guys there, it was freaking hilarious. And they were around my age...There was a WHOLE entire row of them, all dressed in glitter and glammed up, on the floor. The girls ATE UP the people in front of us, so we'd get waves now and then. Mostly from Geri...she was like...the nicest one. Her and Emma. They'd wave and wave and wave to everybody. How cool. Oh...except when they were doing their choreographed dance moves. How PSYCHED was I that they did the original "Stop" dance. I swear, about half of the arena was doing it along with them.

And I thought I was the only crazy one that would have that dance memorized! Nope. One of THOUSANDS! To think, that concert sold out in two minutes and I got tickets is amazing. How that happened...I don't know. But while seeing them this time makes me think that I should try and sell my other tickets and just put in some extra money to get close. It was so amazing, and we had pretty good seats this time...so I'd love to try and get closer seats. Even if its like half way back on the floor...because they have a walkway they spent most time running up and down. AH! I CAN'T WAIT!

Overall the 8 hours in the car were totally worth it and I'd do it again in a SECOND. This was the chance of a lifetime and I'll never, ever forget it. I can't wait to go see them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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09 October 2007 @ 10:15 am
                              I HEART YOU MUCHLY
23 September 2007 @ 04:53 am
Have you ever been so nostalgic while watching something it makes you want to cry?

Tori got me in the mood to watch some old home movies from when I was little. Watching my older cousins when they were little...basically back when everybody could just have fun. I really miss it. It's not like this anymore and I hate it. I hate change. I miss the times when you could just be yourself and talk about anything and everything. I miss summer's at Deer Path. I miss Christmas at Grandmas...I ... just miss being little.

Does anybody else feel this way or am I going totally bonkers?
15 August 2007 @ 11:42 pm
I feel like I should update one last time before this crazy college life begins again. This summer has been exceptionally fun. I've been fun places, made amazing new friends, been to great concerts, gotten into some really cool new music (thanks to Tori) and just had a great break from work. I made the most out of this summer. Next summer I'm going to be working...like a dog. But, I have one thing to look forward to.

I am, to say the least, extremely excited to be moving in with some of my greatest friends. I know this year will be a blast, even if the work load sucks. I've gotten all of my stuff together, and am moving all of it up to Mt. Pleasant on Friday. Most of all, I'm going to be ecstatic to get away from the nagging parents for a while...though I wont be able to get away from the 5 phone calls my mom gives me daily.

I'm supposed to meet with an Academic Advisor, because I feel like I'm having a melt down. Switching from Education to...what? Something to do with writing I suppose, so an English major is a definite. But what to DO with it is the hard part. I've been lectured by both parents, and yelled at by one...I'm really getting angry with all of this. This is the biggest decision you will ever make in your life, and its really...scary. You will be doing this for the rest of your life, so if you pick the wrong thing, well, hey, you're screwed.

When Fall comes around, what am I going to do? No Lost. No good shows but The Office. And I guess I could start getting into House. I've really been writing a lot lately, and I'm loving it. It makes you feel professional writing in your free time, not just being forced into it for a class. Reading has also been on my top list of priorities this summer.

One thing that I realized this summer. I hate it when people call you to do something, set up a time and date, and then don't. They'll call back saying they 'had napped' through the ENTIRE meeting. from 9 am to 5 pm. Right. Then...by the 3rd time, they stop calling to apologize and make up excuses.

But, for all of you who care, it doesn't look like I'm going to Italy in the fall. My dad will still be going, but without me. Instead in the summer, I, by myself, will be going to some place different. Some place better. MUCH better.
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